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Phone: 602 561 5398

For Private Lessons at your own pace, learning what you would like to learn, plus the Music Theory to make music more fun... I am your Private Music Instructor

Learn Piano, Keyboard, Ukulele, Flute, Piccolo, Recorder, and Autoharp

Specializing in Bluegrass style Mandolin, Guitar, and 5-string Banjo

Teaching students of all ages in Phoenix, Scottsdale & Glendale

My Music Philosophy.
* Learn to read notes - music notation
* Learn why music is written the way it is - Music Theory
* Learn to play with others at Musical Jams - Music jam available to my students as an added, free bonus to enhance the lessons.
* Learn to Improvise
* Learn to be proficient on your instrument
* Learn at your own pace
* Learn rhythm, timing, and needed accents to make your songs sound better than average students
* Learn to enjoy your instrument

Practice does not make Perfect. Practice makes Permanent. Weekly lessons are advised so I catch the mistakes before they become habit.

Music Lesson Hours


Monday-Wednesday 11am-10:00pm

There may be other days / times availble. 

Please always leave a message if you call my phone. I may be teaching when you call and I do not wish to miss your call: 602 561 5398. You can also Text my phone, anytime.


Lesson Location is in YOUR HOME


I do not have a studio in my home, at this time. I come to your location to give your lesson.

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