About Terri

I play 15 musical instruments. I love to teach!

I have been playing music since I was old enough to sit up on my Dad's knee at the piano. My Dad was my main music instructor while growing up, however, when I became a Teen, I strived to learn more. I took lessons on the Bagpipes from a wonderful teacher, I also took Bluegrass Guitar from a specialized teacher. I believe Teachers play a very important part in eveyrone's life and I wish to give my knowledge to my students. I took music theory classes in college. I have the background of a family bluegrass band. This is where I learned to multi-task while playing music. Music has always been in my life. 

Growing up I learned Piano, Recorder, Guitar, Bagpipes, Flute, Piccolo, Accordion, Guitar, Keyboard, Synthesizer, Singing, Dance, and a few other instruments. I was first chair flute in the school marching band. 

One thing I can share with you that shows my love for teaching music is that I have to set an alarm for when your lesson will end, or I can go on for hours teaching you. If I don't set an alarm, I do not make it to my next student. 

I believe music should be fun. If you aren't enjoying your lessons as much as I am enjoying providing them for you, we need to discuss it. Music should be fun for all. 

I highly promote our 5 times a year (Oct, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr) Music Jams. This is not a required attendance item, but it is for your enjoyment and further learning experience. We learn from a Music Jam book that is designed to teach you how to improvise. Improvising is a lost art in music playing. The Jam also teaches my students how to play music with others. This is also an art that is lacking in the music students. 

I'm in the teaching business because it is what I know how to do and I love to do it. I believe a good teacher will inspire the students to learn, find ways to teach them that helps them learn quicker. My goal is to make you into the best musician you can be on the instrument you desire to learn to play.

I come from a very musical background. Between my Dad, Brother and myself, we can teach any musical instrument you wish to learn including Voice. If you have an instrument I haven't listed on my site, please contact me and I will put you in touch with them. Here are some instruments they specialize in:

Bruce teaches: Any instrument + voice, Music Theory, Arranging and Composition

Ed teaches: Accordion, Piano, Guitar, Music Theory, Arranging and Composition

Plus they both also Sell, Tune and Repair Pianos. Bruce also teaches in the Greater Phoenix areas and out of their home. 

I am your Music Instructor